Monday, October 17, 2011

High Heels, High hopes

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“How tall am I? Honey, with hair, heels and attitude I’m through this damned roof.”- drag queen RuPaul
Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It is hard getting back into the daily routine huh. Today has been a great happy day for me! I was online looking for shoes, since I am a shoe fanatic! Guess what I found? Heels heels heels! I am in love with heels :)

and this is my wish list for the fall.. <3

Sueded leopard platform pump

Velvet bow platform

Velvet side zip toe bootie
Faux suede color block

Contrast bow leopard pump

Satin pointed toe pump
My first time seeing these cool puff flower shoe clips! So adorable I must say..

Quick, now I do have these these metallic ruffle peep toe beauties, first time I wore them I missed a step (because I am so clumsy) and kind of fell. Then unfortunately broke a toe..BUT they're so lovely and very comfortable.

Wearing cushioned insoles helps me stay in my heels all night.

 Now these are all under $40.00, I found on, usually they will have them in stock at the stores. So I am very excited. Plus my friend and I are supposed to go to this shoe wholesale store here in Phoenix. All their shoes are $10.88, and trust me I've bought a few cute heels already! Yay! I will posting photos of them soon.
Do you go anywhere special to find good deals on shoes? Tell me tell me, I would love to know! :)


  1. Those shoes with the bow on the side are so cute. I'm heels kind of girl too!

    xo erica

  2. I love the 1st four. This post makes me want to go out &

  3. Love the velvet bow platforms! They're so cute! And those contrast purple leopard platforms are pretty nice too! Following your blog sugar. Hope you'll check out mine and follow me too?? xx


  4. SO CUTE!!! love them all esp the one with a bow!!!

    follow for a follow (i really do like your blog)?

  5. I don't wear heels much, but it doesn't mean I don't think they're fab! :D I'm loving the zip toe bootie.

    XoXo, Bree
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  6. The shoes are all so pretty!
    Of all of them I'd say the third pair is my fave!
    Love that bright pink color and the zipper!
    Everytime I look for high heels they are all so very excpencive!
    I have a few from a swedish shop called scorett, real comfy, BUT, quite excpencive...
    Love your blog by the way!
    New follower!


  7. WOW the velvet bows are my absolute favorite *-* I NEED these!

  8. Thank you ladies :) The Velvet bow ones are a beauty arent they!